Important Items of Note

* Upon completion, instructors must submit correspondence, on letterhead, verifying course completion, sessions attended, and class times.

Only County Treasurers officially appointed by their Fiscal Courts can accumulate training hours.

If a certified Treasurer teaches a course; the Treasurer gets double time credits, one hour preparation time and one hour presentation time.

The Department for Local Government shall track completed training hours. Each regional committee member shall review County Treasurer training records and approve for level certification.

Exemption: If a County Treasurer experiences a short-term unforeseen inability to perform the functions of recertification training, he/she may request the committee to consider an extension that will allow them to finish those hours in the following year while they are completing their required following years recertification hours. A planned schedule of completion must be submitted along with the committee extension request.

Kentucky County Treasurer's Fundamental Courses

Organized sessions covering these topics shall run concurrent with KACTFO, the Local Issues Conference, KACo’s Conference, and others as needed.

  • Duties of a County Treasurer and statutory requirements
  • Administrative Code and Ethics Workshops
  • Personnel Policy
  • Financial Reporting
    • Revenue Ledger
    • Appropriation Ledgers
    • Liabilities Report
    • Encumbrance Report
    • Quarterly Summary & Reconciliation
  • Jail Budget Considerations & Canteen Reporting Requirements
  • Standing Orders
  • Purchase Order System
  • Elected Officials Salaries
  • Bonding Requirements
  • Kentucky Retirement Systems (Basics and Start Program)
  • Inventory
  • Capital Assets and Depreciation
  • Audit Responsibilities and Internal Controls
  • Single Audits
    • Cash Management
  • KACTFO Conference
  • Local Issues Conference KACTFO Association Meeting
  • KACo Conference KACTFO Association Meeting
  • Budget Workshop : Amendments, Transfers, and Cost Allocation Worksheet (Allow 1 workshop annually)

Kentucky County Treasurer's Level II Courses

  • Investing County Monies / Collateralization Requirements
  • Internal Revenue Service
  • Department of Labor – Wage & Hour
  • KY Labor Cabinet – OSHA Training
  • County Debt – Bonds vs Government Leasing
  • Administrative Office of the Courts
  • Health Insurance Workshops
  • Library & Archives – Records Retention
  • Tax Rates - Fiscal Court & PVA Responsibilities
  • Open Records / Meetings Laws
  • Pledge of Securities & Written Security Agreements
  • Special District Budgets
  • Public Properties Corporation
  • FEMA/Federal Emergency Management Agency Programs
  • Auditors Office Classes:
    • Audit Responsibilities
    • Single Audits
    • Capital Assets & Depreciation
    • GASB34 - Financial Statements and MD&A
    • Internal Controls; #1 Audit Comment
    • Cash Management
    • Information Systems Best Practices and Written Policies
  • KACo Liability, Workers Compensation, & Health Insurance Workshop
  • KACo Official & Employee Bonding & Surety Requirements
  • KACo Leasing & Bonding
  • Kentucky Retirement Systems
  • KACo (Approved Sessions)
  • Local Issues Conference (Approved Sessions)
  • KACo Community Workshops (Approved Sessions)
  • Area Development District Courses (Approved Sessions)
  • Kentucky Public Human Resource Association Conference
  • Newly Elected Officials Training
  • Kentucky Occupational License Association Conference
  • EEOC Training
  • Government Finance Officers Association Training
  • Courses to consider:
    • GFOA Long Term Financial Planning
    • GFOA Long Term Forecasting
    • GFOA Advanced Budgeting Courses
  • Accounting College Course – Completed (Approved Syllabus/Course Content) *
  • Economic/Financial College Course – Completed (Approved Syllabus/Course Content)
  • Community College Class - Completed (Approved Syllabus/Course Content) *
  • Financial Software Training
  • Computer Classes (Approved Syllabus/Course Content) *
  • IRS Website Courses (Approved Sessions) *
  • Bond Issue Budgeting / Bookkeeping
  • Federal Grant Requirements and Recordkeeping