Training Infomation

County Treasurer Funadamental Certification

Required – 10 hours Fundamental Courses must be completed FIRST within 24 months of a treasurers request to participate in the program.

Fundamental Certification is permanent. Recertification is not required.

Kentucky County Treasurer Certification

Courses must be completed within the first 24 months of a Treasurer's request to participate in the program. To remain a Certified Kentucky County Treasurer; annual recertification is required. This Certification program starts January of every calendar year.

Required - 30 hours can be a blending of Fundamental Courses that were not previously taken to obtain the Fundamentals Certification and Level II Courses.

If certification is not completed within the 24 months, hours are lost and a treasurer must start over and has another 24 months to complete the 30 hour certification program.


Required - Twenty (20) hours annually

Course Approval

Approved training courses, training courses pending approval and those training courses that were not approved for training hours can be found on our website,

Courses requiring pre-approval must be submitted through our website,, to the committee member representing their county no less than two weeks prior to the course date; no exceptions. Information required for pre-approved training includes course description, agenda, presenter(s), times, locations and registration information.

Only hours directly related to a County Treasurer's duties shall be approved.

Carryover Hours

Twenty (20) hours earned over and above hours required for annual certification may be carried over and applied to the next year's re-certification.

KACTFO President
Kim Fenske (Russell County)
Comprised of five members to serve five years and after five years, one member every year will be replaced during the KACTFO spring conference. Each member will serve a defined region of the Commonwealth. Within that region, the committee member will approve submitted training courses with the committee Program Director's final approval and will monitor/review treasurer training records and upon completion make recommendation for certification/re-certification.